Thinking Beach.

Are you daydreaming about warm breezes, salt air and relaxing….for hours….ahh…

I’m considering scheduling BEACH SESSIONS this year if  enough of you are interested!

Somewhat flexible right now, but looking at dates around mid-July,

So, if you are going to the beach this summer and would love to get that gorgeous tanned family photo—Send me your dates!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Keaton Storie-Contest Winner

Remember Keaton -the little John Deere guy who won the Funniest Kid Photo Contest earlier this year? Well, we finally have picts to show you. It was such a HOT summer, we waited until just a few weeks ago to do a session with he and his sisters. They are “Storie-book” kids (groan for my pun…) seriously —really, really sweet!!!

You can see the entire gallery on my website at

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Contest Winner—Keaton Storie

Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much for participating in the “Funniest Kid Photo Contest”!  You guys were wonderful, both entrants and voters!

The winner is KEATON STORIE-little John Deere guy—or as someone commented, “the cutest naked farmer I’ve ever seen”.
His family is winner of the Grand Prize Photo Package.

Running a close neck-n-neck race with KEATON was CANON CURTIS!  Their two great mom’s really kept the FB pages hot!

For running such a close race, I have decided to offer a consolation prize for Second Place.  The Curtis’ will receive a  Complimentary Photo Session($50value) and a $100 Photography Gift Certificate.

As a heartfelt thank you to all you who contributed your wonderful photos, I hope you will be happy to receive a FREE Photo Session ($50 VALUE). Simply call or email to schedule. Sessions must be scheduled before September 30, 2010

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Early Bird Senior Sessions

Just finished Chase’s Graduation announcements. Great Conway High Drummer.

It’s time to schedule Summer Graduation pictures for 2011 graduates.

I’ve decided to offer an Early Bird Senior Special.

Anyone who schedules a summer session before May 20 will

Receive $50 in photo bucks.

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Voting Begins Today

First, I have to say a big “THANK-YOU” to all you who took the  time to share your family photos with us—you guys sent some really great images!

I am so glad it is not up to me to choose a winner, it would be hard.
As I am sure  you already know, voting begins today. I will be counting votes until Friday and the winner will be announced on Monday.

How to Vote:

1. Join my Facebook fan page-choose “become a fan” or “like”
NOTE: as things go-right in the middle of this contest FaceBook decided to make a few simplifying changes which complicated things for the contest. Now,  instead of becoming a “FAN” of a page, one must “LIKE” a page.

2. Open the “Funniest Kids Photo ALBUM”, select your favorite photo and comment with the word “vote”.

Voters may vote for as many photos as they like, but may only vote once per photo for the duration of the voting period.

The winner will be chosen based on the total  number of votes for each entered image.

Tell your friends, family, co-workers, etc to join my FB page and vote for your image.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to see all the fun photos, so Thanks again!

It’s time for the voting to Begin!!!!
Best to you,


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A Special Kind of Mom

While looking for Mom pictures to post — I came across these of my sister-n-law and niece, Aleta and Elizabeth (Lizzy).

Keith (my brother) and Aleta were given a God’s hand opportunity to adopt 3 wild and wonderful kiddos a few years ago. They were ages 2,3,&4 at the time-can you say parent shock! The younger picture was taken the summer they got the kids and the later this past fall. It’s been so neat to watch them grow.

Comparing the two images really  capture the transition: First, the new mom and daughter relationship where Lizzy was still wary of her new doting relatives-esp. Aunt Amy who kept trying to take her picture all the time! And then the recent photo where she is “at home” a bright, confident little lady who is  quite happy to be a “model”!

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